Nalknad Aramane | Mysuru Dasara 2019

After escaping from Tippu sultan’s troops Doddavirarajendra, a Haleri ruler built this palace at Yavakapadi in Nalknad area. This simple palace is famous for its paintings and carvings. Doddaverarajendra married Mahadevammaji here in 1796. While British army entered Kodagu, the last emperor of Halari family Chikaverarajendra took shelter here. It is located near a village named Yavakapadi and was built between the years 1792 and 1794 A.D. Now this palace belongs to Archaeology.department.

The highest peak of Kodagu, Thadiyandamole is situated nearby.


Nalknad Palace, Nalknad Palace Rd, Yevakapadi, Karnataka 571214