Gosai Ghat | Mysuru Dasara 2019

Pashchima Vahini, Sangama and Gosai Ghat are at Srirangapatna. These three places form a part of places of interest around the historic town of Srirangapatna on the banks of river Cauvery. Sangama and Gosai Ghat are located in a place called Ganjam. Yes, the famous Ganjam Nagappa jewelers are originally from this place. Good roads lead to all the three places.

Pashchima Vahini : This is a branch of Cauvery river flowing towards the west, which is considered a very sacred place to have a holy dip. This bathing ghat is visible from the Mysore-Bangalore highway.

Sangama : Sangama is the confluence of the two branches of river Cauvery making Srirangapatna an island. It is situated 18 kms from Mysore and 3 kms from Srirangapatna. When driving from Bangalore, take a left on the highway near the auto stand in Srirangapatna. A board with distances from that point to Sangama, Gosai Ghat, Gumbaz etc., is displayed.

Gosai Ghat : This is situated on the banks of the Cauvery river, upstream of Sangama. It is an ideal spot for picnics and many movie scenes have been shot at this location. A temple dedicated to Sri Kashi Visweswara swamy is located on the banks. Coracle rides and bathing completes a visit to this place.

Place Info:

Situated : Srirangapatna, Mandya district Distance : 120 – 125 kms from Bangalore; 18 – 20kms from Mysore Transportation : Bus, Taxis and Rail Facilities : Small shops selling snacks and knick-knacks


Dodda Gosai Ghat, Srirangapatna, Karnataka

Distance From:

Distance : From Bangalore 220kms, Mysore 80Kms, Ooty 80kms. Nearest Town : Mysore and Ooty Nearest Railway Station : Mysore Nearest Airport : MysoreAirport.Sub Urban Bus Stand:20.7KmRailway Station :21.8kmAirport :32km